Review of Events by iRidi. May 2022

This issue includes:

  • A new native driver for Z-Wave.Me,
  • How iRidi service center can be useful to you

New Native Driver in iRidi Pro

Now it is much more convenient to control Z-Wave.Me devices with the help of iRidi Pro. 

We’ve developed a native driver for Z-Wave.Me. It reacts to requests and sends commands fast. Thanks to the new driver you can control equipment locally and remotely. 

Help in Realizing Complicated Automation Projects

iRidi Service Center 

You do not have to turn down interesting but complicated time consuming  projects, because you have us. 

Our team can help you realize automation projects for your customers. We can:

  • create a cool interface that is nice to look at and convenient,
  • develop a control project that includes an interface and drivers,
  • create a branded app for iOS and Android,
  • write a driver for you to integrate different equipment with iRidi Pro and control it.

You can order only one service or all of them. The price depends on the difficulty of your task.

Don’t be afraid to deal with interesting but complicated projects. You are sure to succeed with us!