Review of Events from iRidi. February 2022


This issue includes:

  • A new driver for Philips Dynalite light equipment.
  • On-line Course on iRidi Pro
  • Support of Ajax Network Driver is Added

Control of Philips Dynalite from i3 Pro

Now it is possible! We have created a new driver for this popular light equipment.

Philips Dynalite works via the Dynet protocol. Now it has our software for any person to control light easily from our i3 pro app.

Our driver supports any Philips Dynalite devices. Just the way we like it 😉

More Bonuses After an On-line Course on iRidi pro

Knowledge and practice are essential to a high-quality specialist. iRidi is ready to help you get new knowledge and skills. Take our on-line course on iRidi pro. It will take you 4 weeks to learn how to work in iRidi Studio and to create your first interface.

About the course

It will take you 4 weeks to learn how to work in iRidi Studio. And you’ll create your first interface.

If you pass the course successfully, you’ll get iRidi Specialist Certificate and a present – a new interface template (Classical black or white edition; Slide v.2; iOS 13 black or white edition or Flex 2 in 1).

An additional bonus for iRidium dealers:

– a higher discount for iRidi products: a Silver dealer status for 3 months after certification with possible prolongation for 1 year.

The course starts on March 14.

Do you want a faster course? We have a faster version of our online course for you. If you want to take a course on setting iRidi pro projects, you can do it in 1 week.

Support of Ajax Network Driver is Added

Now integrators can use Ajax equipment in their automation projects based on iRidi pro to integrate the famous security systems with equipment supported by iRidi pro.

Read more iRidi driver for Ajax on our web-site