Review of Events by iRidi. Jule 2022

This issue includes:

  • Technical news: updates in KNX Home Server. 
  • August 8 – start of iRidi Pro Specialist course.
  • iRidi Service Center for fast and effective work.

Updates in KNX Home Server

Now capabilities of KNX Home Server are wider.

  • Voice assistants can now start server Macros and Modes. Capabilities of voice assistants are not limited to separate widgets.
  • New objects can be started even faster, simply copy settings between KNX devices of one type.
  • It’s now easier to set devices: the physical address of a server can be changed right in ETS.

Read about more changes here.

Start of an Updated Course on iRidi Pro

How not to fear competition? To improve your expertise!  August 8 – start of an updated course of iRidi Pro Specialist.

You will create your first project in iRidi Studio 2019 under a tutor’s guidance. You’ll also master those functions of our platform that are absolutely necessary for your future work. You can also create good visualization and integrate different equipment in one project.

The course lasts three weeks.

  • Convenient format of video-lessons.
  • Practical tasks.
  • Feedback from a tutor.

After the course if you pass the final test, you’ll get iRidi Pro Specialist Certificate. And access to all video-lessons remains with you.

After the course all certified specialists will get bonuses:

  • 2 interface templates: Classical Black edition and Classical White edition;
  • 2 interface templates of your choice from the list: iOS 13 Black Edition, iOS 13 White edition, Slide V2 or Flex 2 in 1;
  • Silver dealer status and an additional discount for all our products and solutions.

If you want to take the course faster, you can do it. We have an accelerated program.

Follow the link and register. Be the best in what you do.

Help in Realizing Complicated Automation Projects

You do not have to turn down interesting but complicated time consuming  projects, because you have us. 

Our team can help you realize automation projects for your customers. We can:

  • create a cool interface that is nice to look at and convenient,
  • develop a control project that includes an interface and drivers,
  • create a branded app for iOS and Android,
  • write a driver for you to integrate different equipment with iRidi Pro and control it.

You can order only one service or all of them. The price depends on the difficulty of your task.

Don’t be afraid to deal with interesting but complicated projects. You are sure to succeed with us!