Overview of Events by iRidi. October 2022

This issue includes:

  • iRidi servers: NUC and UMC are available to order; 
  • Create your first project in iRidi Studio. Take a course of iRidi Pro Specialist.

iRidi Server NUC and iRidi Server UMC are Available to Order

iRidi Server NUC and iRidi Server UMC are meant to medium and large automation projects, smart homes, hotels, offices, commercial buildings. Choose and order.

iRidi Server UMC and iRidi Server NUC can:

  • be controlled from different control panels (a PC, a tablet, a smartphone);
  • provide min equipment workload;
  • start scenes at any moment;
  • work locally without Internet access;
  • support 60+ automation protocols.

iRidi Server UMC and iRidi Server NUC can be used as a programmable controller and as a gateway. iRidi Server UMC and iRidi Server NUC support the same driver database. The only difference is built-in physical interfaces.

Choose a suitable solution for your project, go to our website and add a server to the cart.

Start of a Detailed Course on iRidi Pro

Rise above your competitors, become a professional in the sphere of automation of smart homes and buildings, create projects of any difficulty and realize your customers’ ideas. 

November 7 – start of iRidi Pro specialist course.

You’’ create your first project in iRidi Studio 2019 together with our tutor and master basic functions required for your future work. You can create good visualization and integrate different equipment in one project. 

The course takes only three weeks.

  • Convenient format of video lessons.
  • Practical tasks.
  • Feedback from the tutor.

After the course if you pass the certifying test, you’ll get iRidi Pro specialist certificate. Access to all video lessons has no time limit. 

After the course all certified specialist get bonuses:

  • 2 interface templates: Classical Black edition и Classical White edition;
  • 2 interfaces of your choice from the list: iOS 13 Black Edition, iOS 13 White edition, Slide V2 or Flex 2 in 1.

Do you want to take the course faster? You can do it. We have an accelerated program. Follow the link and register. 

Help to Realize Complicated Automation Projects

You do not have to give up interesting and complicated tasks, new experiences or customers, as you have us. 

Our team can help you realize automation projects for your customers. We can:

  • create a good interface – it will be nice and convenient;
  • develop a control project with a graphic interface and drivers;
  • create a branded app for iOS and Android;
  • create a driver to integrate equipment required by you.

You can choose one service from us or all of them. The price depends on the complexity of work. Don’t fear and take new complicated project. You are sure to cope with them with our help!