Updates of iRidium pro, KNX Home Server and iRidium panel 7 for the 2nd half of 2020

Every month we make dozens of updates to iRidium mobile products:

  • new drivers, which allow you to make new combinations with different equipment;
  • capabilities to create customized and more flexible interfaces;
  • updates in iRidium studio to spend less time for creating an interface.

Perhaps, you were lacking them to start using iRidium products at some objects or to spend your time more effectively when setting up a project.

However, we noticed that some of you do not read the changelog and learn about new changed by accident. For example, port forwarding between drivers can be configured via drag-n-drop, and there is no need to waste time setting up a script. We want our improvements to make your work easier as soon as possible.

That is why we started holding short sprint webinars, where you can learn what improvements we made to make your work easier. Below you can find the video of webinars dated December 15, 2020 on product updates for the 2nd half of 2020.

We invite you to future webinars so that you can personally ask questions about updates and products. We will update you about the start of new webinars in facebook and in newsletter.

iRidium pro

Updates in the app, server and iRidium Studio

  • new native drivers Sonos, TION, Domintell (WS), WebSocket Custom;
  • more functions for the following drivers KNX, HDL, Z-Wave, Beckhoff ADS, Domintell, Larnitech;
  • new capabilities to speed up project development in iRidium Studio.

KNX Home server

Demonstration of updates and the setting process

  • integration of Amazon Alexa, Google Home;
  • Sonos multiroom: more capabilities to control playlists;
  • faster project setup: access to group addresses from all devices, import of a building structure;
  • new capabilities of interface customization: setting the main page, customization of the mobile version.


iRidium panel 7

What iRidium panel 7 can and can’t do. Review

  • methods to control edge-lighting;
  • a way to control the screensaver;
  • installation of third-party APK;
  • what a kiosk-mode is.