“New iRidium pro Drivers, Cool Functions of iRidium Studio and Improvements of Other Products by iRidium Mobile from January to March 2021” Sprint Webinar

In this video Aleksandr Romanov, CTO at iRidium mobile, speaks about the main updates in iRidium pro, iRidium studio and other products that were made from January to March 2021

The main topics of the webinar:

iRidium studio:

  • a new function – setting server routines in i3 pro interface without scripts;
  • items and functions that speed up project development.

iRidium pro:

  • a new driver for Yamaha Musiccast;
  • important additions to the following drivers Yandex Alice, Amazon Alexa, Larnitech, AV&Custom systems (HTTP).

Other products:

  • support of settlements in the “Resident portal”;
  • updates in the BYOD interface to support coworking spaces;
  • announcement of new products: i5 lite.