Results of iRidium Awards 2019

We are ready to announce the results of the Sixth annual project competition — iRidium Awards 2019. This year we had a few projects, BUT each of them presented a different type of projects. As a results we have a house, a car, a restaurant, a solution for commissioning engineers and a solution for hotels.

★ ★ ★ Grand Prix of iRidium Awards 2019 ★ ★ ★

“TESTER — interface for commissioning engineers”

— an interface for commissioning engineers to control an automation system. The solution allows to create an interface fast, to start the project fast and to adapt to systems of any scale. The project features KNX, AV, IP equipment. The project is control from “HTC 10” smart phone.

Author — Evgeniy Leshkiv, Russia, Saint Petersburg.

Prize — iPhone XS + $500 credit for iRidium products.



(in order of application)

Control of a mobile office from iPad”

– a project where iPad mini is used to control the multimedia system of a car and other equipment. The project features control of Mercedes multimedia system, TV Sony, Apple tv, the passenger seats, the electrochromic glass divider, additional motorized seats and other mechanisms. Global Caché iTach WF2IR is used in the project, scripts were not used.

Author — Philipp Frolov, «АЕМ» company, Russia, Dolgoprudniy.

Prize — $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers).


“Smart hotel — BYOD”

– this project is about BYOD for Hotels. When a guest checks in, a receptionist sets the dates of checking in and checking out and gives a generated QR-code to the guest. After scanning the code, a guest has access to devices in his hotel room. Access is limited in time by the dates of checking in and checking out. The project is done with KNX equipment.

Author — Theo Priskas, Poseidwn tech, Greece, Athens.

Prize — $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers).


“House in «Ohta-park» settlement”

– complete automation of a 650-sq.meter house and the surrounding territory. Smart home is realized on the basis of KNX protocol, panels by Berker are used to control. The project features control of lights, diode-tape (including scenes), blinds, zone climate control (heating, conditioning), ventilation, fire and security alarms, access control, IP-intercom, video surveillance, leak control. The system can be monitored from a smart phone or a tablet remotely.

Author — Dmitry Kramarenko, Intelliger, Russia, Saint Petersburg .

Prize — $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers).


“First Smart Restaurant in Omsk”

– automation of a premium class closed wine restaurant – Manillov Gourmet. The project features control of light in 8 zones, 10 blinds and roll-up shutters, 4 audio zones, projector screen – Apple TV, and control of 14 video surveillance cameras. Access system for personnel is realized with the help of IP-intercom connected with magnet door locks, time of personnel arrival at work is registered. Z41 PRO (Zennio) panel, iPad mini 4, 5 smart phones with different operation systems are used as control panels.

Author — Peter Kozlov, Smart home Omsk, Russia, Omsk.

Prize — $500 credit for iRidium products (licenses and servers)


We are thankful to all participants for the interest to our contest!