News from iRidium mobile. April 2019

Open Beta-test of the New iRidium Studio

If iRidium studio annoys you by:

  • time-consuming project unpack when the Emulator is launched;
  • no search function in server tags;
  • impossibility to use third-party IDE to edit script on the spot;
  • no 64-bit version.

…the new iRidium studio is for you!

Open beta-test of the new iRidium studio 2019 started this week and you can join it!

Download iRidium studio Setup


Send all your questions to our tech support at with «iRidium studio 2019» topic.

To have a closer look at the new studio, join «How to work in the new iRidium studio» webinar, at 11.00 a.m. GMT+00, April 18. Register below and we’ll send you a link to the webinar.



Kiosk Mode on Android Control Panels

Your requests inspired us to realize the Kiosk mode in iRidium pro for control panels on the basis of Android OS. What is it?

A tablet with iRidium pro in the “Kiosk“ mode can be used only as a control panel. Children can no longer minimize i3 pro to see a cartoon or to play. It’s a convenient function if you want a tablet to do only one function – to control your home.

Read about the settings by the link below.

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Remote Control is Easier to Realize!

Now you can control your iRidium pro projects remotely via iRidium cloud gate! It’s a cloud server that transmits messages between panels and a server via an encrypted protocol. Here are the advantages:

  • remote control without security break;
  • no port forwarding;
  • no need to use white IP address
  • the technology is easy to set.

iRidium cloud gate is now working in the test mode. Do not use it in commercial projects. The commercial launch is planned in June 2019.

Learn more by the link below.

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Only 1 Month Left to Take Part in iRidium Awards 2019

On May 1 we stop accepting projects for iRidium Awards 2019. We accept projects in 3 nominations: “Commercail automation”, “Home automation” и “Special solutions”.

How to take part?

  • make a 3-minute video of your project with iRidium and upload it on YouTube;
  • fill-in an application form on our web-site till May 1, 2019.

The Grand Prix is iPhone ХS and a credit of 500 USD for iRidium products. Winners in each nomination get prizes as well.

Learn more about the terms and prizes on our web-site.

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“Basics of work in iRidium pro” On-line Course in On

A group for the“Basics of work in iRidium pro” on-line course with a trainer guidance already started on April 1. But you still can join it till the end of the week.

During the course you:

  • learn only required material in the correct order;
  • select the time and place for studying;
  • have a trainer available for consultations and questions;
  • get bonuses after successful certification.

You can read more and register for the course at the link below.

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