News from iRidium mobile. February 2020

“Basics of Work in iRidium pro” On-line Course

On March 2 one more group of the “Basics of work in iRidium pro” on-line course starts. It`s a 4-week course for newcomers with a trainer guidance and most flexible schedule, that explains how:

  • to create and set interfaces;
  • to set a server;
  • to select a license;
  • to work with customers.

More about the course, bonuses and registration at the link below.


Basics of Work in iRidium pro


“iRidium Script” On-line Course

On March 9 we start a new group for a 4-week “iRidium script” on-line course. During the course with a trainer guidance you will learn:

  • to work with the script to realize all wishes of a customer;
  • to create a unique interface from scratch:
  • to create an interface to fit the corporate style of a customer;
  • to create a new driver.

You can read more about the course and register by the link below.


iRidium script


Integration with Arlight Equipment

iRidium pro supports Arlight equipment. Arlight is a large manufacturer of light equipment of premium segment. The company manufactures more than 6000 kinds of products, such as diodes, diode tapes, lights, etc. iRidium pro works with Arlight equipment via Modbus TCP protocol.

More about working with Arlight equipment by the link below.


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Block-schemes to Create Logic in iRidium Studio

We made it easier for you to create logic in iRidium pro projects – we realized block-schemes. It’s a convenient tool that allows to create logic of iRidium server work without programming!

More about block-schemes by the link below.


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Use Cases

Our partner, “Pitch”, created an automated multimedia system to control the artistic architectural lighting of “Strelka” museum complex in Krasnoyarsk. It consists of 3 buildings: a cable-braced bridge, Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonia and Krasnoyarsk Museum Center – «Mira Square».

More than 100 switchboards control the complex. To unite everything into a single net 13 km of cables were used.

More about the project by the link below.


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