Samsung Certification of iRidium lite module for “Samsung Smart Home”

iRidium mobile team is happy to announce that on February 1, 2017 iRidium lite module for “Samsung Smart Home” successfully passed official Certification of Samsung company.

iRidium mobile team and Samsung Quality Assurance team jointly tested the module work several months. Testers on both sides spent a lot of time and effort on checking and double-checking the work of every aspect. The result of this hard work is 100% approval of the module by Samsung Quality Assurance team.

“We strongly believe that the interoperability between Samsung products and iRidium platform would eventually create the business synergy and generate meaningful business opportunities going forward. We will definitely keep in touch and try to make the best use of this partnership,” was the mutual agreement on completing the certification process.

The certified module supports four types of devices: refrigerator, washing machine, Room Air-Conditioner and Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

With iRidium lite module for Samsung Smart Home, you can:

– see the temperature in the fridge and check if the door is open;
– start, pause and stop the cycle of the washing machine;
– control all functions of a room air conditioner (temperature, modes, power);
– clean your house remotely by controlling the work modes of your robot cleaner.

Sounds a bit fantastic, doesn’t it!?

If you want to test iRidium lite module for Samsung Smart Home yourself, you are welcome to download i3 lite app and test.




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