New Standard of Sound Quality in iRidium-controlled Multiroom

iRidium mobile partner, Luxury Systems, presents a new range of Professional Sound equipment in the Luxs pro section. The equipment is meant for making High-End multizone audio systems.




It is not an ordinary Multiroom range. It includes components that enable playing music with all its intensity of emotions and excitement. The point is that usually Multiroom is made “just to play music”. But this system conveys music with all its emotions. At that, it is simple and convenient to the maximum as it is created by the integrator who knows all details and nuances of such installations firsthand.


Luxs pro Professional Sound devices allow you to make a complete Multiroom Hi-Fi installation of High-End level including different signal sources, such as:

  • multimedia players;
  • FM radio;
  • voice announcement servers (including the ones with speech synthesis);
  • multizone matrix switches – digital, analog and hybrid;
  • terminal zone amplifiers with 2- 6 channels (with the possibility of scaling to the required number of zones and channels).


It is very easy to create any multizone system with the help of these components, be it rear-fill for zones where music is played on movement or several Home Theaters controlled by iRidium or from PLC. And above all, the expenses are considerably lower compared to any analog systems. All Luxs pro Professional Sound devices having the Hi-Fi price range considerably surpass in fineness the majority of existing ones. The equipment has the advantages of the next, High-End level:

  • micro and macrodynamics,
  • high resolutions with rich overhang,
  • intense peppy scene.


Having all the advantages and natural live sound more typical for lamp models of amplifiers, Luxury System managed to provide top-notch vibes and good dynamics making the sound fast and straight.


All Luxs pro Professional Sound devices support direct control from iRidium even without a controller – there is a control template for each device. It enables fast system programming without special skills and experience.


For convenience of installation the amplifier part is divided into several classes:


Install – the amplifiers for built-in acoustic systems and rear-fill systems.


Sound – the amplifiers for high-quality stereo and Home Theaters where the maximum audio quality is required including special facilities with High-End acoustics.

Each zone is serviced by a dedicated amplifier. As a result you get a complete system where all components have their own level and complement one another.


The equipment can be controlled directly from iRidium or through a PLC via RS485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol. It can also be controlled via RS232 or TCP. The implemented local control via the device menu enables use of separate high-quality components without an automation system.


As creation and development of Luxs pro belongs to the installer/integrator company, Luxury Systems, and was created for installations made by it, all functions and control are thought out to the last detail in the context of convenience of installation, programming and use. Here are some advantages of the equipment:

  • compact size – takes little space;
  • power efficiency (>95%) – requires less time for cooldown;
  • fast response (the start time of the power amplifier from the StandBy mode in 0.3 seconds) – it is very important, e.g. for zones where the sound is turned on on movement;
  • full compatibility with iRidium – convenience in the terms of control and functions;
  • we offer a digital path of the signal from the source via high-quality Lossless commutation to the controlled amplifier with the built-in DA converter – it helps to avoid unwanted signals and adjustment and to save on expensive high-quality DA converter.


System architecture provides immense flexibility and scalability


The system is divided into zones and groups of zones. The sources are divided into general and local. In the SPDIF digital format any source can be cloned as many times as you like with no loss in quality and sound synchronism (it is essential for background music). The switches of sound signals are implemented as 8х8 matrixes (8 sources х 8 zones, any source in any zone). They provide equalization of digital signals and remove slight. Thus, they act as a buffer and can be cascaded up to 256 zones. And remote sources get high-quality transport.

All system parameters can be seen on-line on iRidium panel (signals on each input, the signal format – discretization frequency and depth, information about overheating and etc.)


Example of system capabilities № 1:

the Toslink matrix switch defines the SPDIF signal from the TV in the living-room, then this zone can be switched to the TV source reading the current volume from TV via RS232 and transmit it to the amplifier.


Example of system capabilities № 2:

there was a short circuit in the acoustic system line – the amplifier switched to the StandBy mode, thus protecting the system, and sent the signal about the situation in the system. The message about the problems in the acoustic system line appeared on the iRidium control panel.


Example of system capabilities № 3:

A 6-channel amplifier has a matrix switch of inputs and a separate matrix switch of outputs with separate volume control for each channel. At that, Master volume is controlled by one register and that provides immense flexibility and control convenience.


Soon you will be able to see more detailed description on


Dmitry Korolev,
CEO Luxury Systems