June Overview of iRidi Events

This issue includes:

  • New HS Server;
  • Technical Updates of iRidi Pro;
  • The iRidi Pro Specialist course;
  • Help to realize complicated automation projects.

iRidi Pro Server – a New Server Produced by iRidi Company

The iRidi team released a fast iRidi Pro Server on a new hardware platform (HS Server). It is designed for medium and large automation projects – smart homes, hotels, offices, commercial buildings.

iRidi Pro Server can be used as a programmable controller and as a data gateway in automation and IoT projects. It is designed for data collection and analysis, export and import of databases, creation of scenarios, scheduling, etc.

The server is based on Linux OS, has 2 GB of RAM and supports seven hardwired interfaces. Most importantly – it has a powerful processor. iRidi Pro Server can be purchased on our website.

Technical Updates of iRidi Pro

The iRidi company released an update to the iRidi Pro platform:

  • Somfi driver support;  
  • Automatic database clearing on iRidi servers;  
  • Simplification of work with the BacNet driver for commercial objects and apartment complexes.

Become an iRidi Pro Specialist

On July 3rd the iRidi Pro course will start. You will learn how to create your first automation project in the iRidi Studio 2019 and master basic functions required for your future work.

Besides, you can create stylish visualization interfaces and integrate various equipment in one project. Be the best in your business – implement ideas of your customers and create projects of any complexity!

The training lasts only three weeks.

  •  the lessons in the format of video;
  •  practical tasks;
  •  feedback from a trainer.

After you complete the course and pass the final test, you get an iRidi Pro Specialist certificate. You have unlimited access to all video lessons.

Bonuses after the course:

  • AV interface;
  • 2 interface templates: Classical Black edition and Classical White edition;
  • 2 interfaces to choose from the list: iOS 13 Black Edition, iOS 13 White edition, Flex 2 in 1.

If 3 weeks is too long for you, there is the faster course. Follow the link and register. Become the best in your business!

Help to Realize Complicated Automation Projects

You do not have to give up interesting and complicated tasks, new experiences or customers, as you have us. 

Our team can help you realize automation projects for your customers. We can:

  • create a good interface – it will be nice and convenient;
  • develop a control project with a graphic interface and drivers;
  • create a branded app for iOS and Android;
  • create a driver to integrate equipment required by you.

You can choose one service from us or all of them. The price depends on the complexity of work. Don’t fear and take new complicated project. You are sure to cope with them with our help!