iRidium mobile is now iRidi

On October 1 we started rebranding of iRidium mobile.

We want this process to go smoothly and easily to let our company keep good connections with reliable partners.

Why did we decide to do itг?

The answer is quite simple. Since the moment of its foundation iRidium mobile has grown and changed. The company was founded in 2008. It was decided to create an app that will allow to control Smart home from mobile devices. That’s where “mobile” came from.

We achieved this goal and went further. We learnt to integrate different protocols, started to manufacture equipment for smart homes and buildings. Thus “mobile” does not reflect what the company does. By the way, employees and some integrators refer to iRidium mobile simply as iRidium, or even shorter iRidi. That’s why we came to a decision that rebranding is required. 

The change of the company style will cause no inconvenience to partners. The transition process will go smoothly in several steps.