Results of iRidium Awards 2017

We are ready to announce the results of iRidium Awards 2017 project competition. The competition attracts more and more participants! This year the competition features 18 projects from 9 countries of the world, Russia, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, Greece, Montenegro, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, UAE.

The distinctive feature of iRidium Awards 2017 is the incredible variety of projects. We saw projects of the type, that had never been made before, including, an entertainment park, a Smart ship, a show truck, a smart yacht, a surgical skills lab, a hospital. The jury of the competition, iRidium mobile team and external experts, had a hard time evaluating the projects.

GRAND-PRIX of iRidium Awards 2017

Anax Hotel – large-scale project on the basis of KNX equipment. The project features control of outside and inside lighting to the customer’s demands and display of «Do Not Disturb», «Clean Up Room» statues at the reception, as well as display of alarms «Emergency Buttons», «Fire Alarm System».

Author: Theodoros Priskas, Poseidwn Solutions, Greece

Experts’ opinion on the project:
«The installation scale really amaze!»
«It’s a large-scale project. The concept of control from reception is successfully realized. A lot of drawing was done.»

Prize: iPhone 7 + $500 credit for iRidium products




Winner in «Home Automation» Nomination

House in Kurortniy district – the project is made on the basis of HDL Buspro equipment. It provides convenient control of light, climate, sound, actuators, security systems in the house, the garage and annexes and on the the territory from iPad.

Author: Dmitry Kramarenko, Intelliger Ltd., Russia

Experts’ opinion on the project:
«Well-balanced interface! Interesting combination of table/plan modes.»
«Convenient navigation»

Prize: $500 credit for iRidium products or UMC server




Winner in «Commercial Automation» Nomination

Medical Labs AV Upgrade at Macquarie University – a laboratory with various A/V equipment to train medical students and professionals, medical techniques and patient care skills using both human actors and specialized simulation mannequin robots.

Author: Iain Brew, Macquarie University, Australia

Experts’ opinion on the project:
«The project is definitely unique»
«It’s an operator panel just the way it is supposed to be. It looks USEFUL»
«The design is easy and the project is astonishing. The quality of presentation deserves special praise»

Prize: $500 credit for iRidium products or UMC server




Winner in «Special Solutions» Nomination

BUSMA Smart Ship – comfort-oriented automated system for LH-111 3-deck house boat includes control of lighting, climate, monitoring of the ship systems, notification system, video surveillance, Internet access and satellite TV systems, multimedia, navigation system, security system.

Author: Dmitiry Vorontsov, In4dom, Russia

Experts’ opinion on the project:
«The interface is well-thought through, simplification improved it a lot. The project is technically complicated.»
«Complicated project with its own design»
«The video is classy! It’s like Pink Panther or the Naked Gun!»

Prize: $500 credit for iRidium products or UMC server




Special Prize of iRidium mobile Team for Interface

This year we did not plan to award «Special Prize of iRidium mobile Team». But we could not help it. One of the projects impressed the jury a lot and we made a decision to award it our Special prize.

Concept «Light» is a modern elegant interface to control home automation. The main task was to find the golden middle between convenient control and the interface elegance, as the interface is in fact the only intermediate between the automation system and a person.

Author: Anthony Julin, Albus Pro Ltd., Russia

Experts’ opinion on the project:
«Design, animation – all in its place. And the main thing – is a good presentation!»
«Perfect concept!»
«Cool design!»

Prize: $500 credit for iRidium products or UMC server




Unfortunately, we did not gather enough projects on the «Multiroom» nomination this year. Hopefully it will be more successful next time.

iRidium mobile team is grateful to all participants of the contest and gives every participant a 20% discount for iRidium license!


Video of all participants of iRidium Awards 2017