iRidium Server + LogicMachine – Perfect Combination of Power, Convenience and Flexibility

The solution iRidium server for LogicMachine is a perfect combination of power, convenience and flexibility of iRidium mobile interfaces with capabilities of LogicMachine controllers.


iRidium server for LogicMachine is software implementation of iRidium server launched as a service on any LogicMachine controllers: LogicMachine2, 3, 4, Re:actor, Lite, Wall controllers.

The controller manufacturer guarantees launch of iRidium server on future models of controllers as well. LogicMachine controllers are well-known on the market and gained good reputation in automation systems of any scale. The controllers are equipped with different built-in interfaces, including KNX, RS-485, 1-Wire and CEC HDMI. Integration capabilities of the controllers are of particular value. They support all standard protocols: KNX, Modbus, DMX, DALI, EnOcean, BACnet, etc.

The offered combination of iRidium mobile unique visualization capabilities and LogicMachine powerful logic and software modules represents the winning solution in comparison with other solutions presented on the automation market.

Implementation area:

  • medium and large-scale installations
  • townhouses, cottages, offices up to 1500 sq.m;
  • hotels, office buildings – from 1 controller per floor.


Advantages of Integrated Use of iRidium Server and Logic Machine

  • any number of concurrent connections;
  • any logics of data processing – logics is performed on the side of the server. It allows you not only to send requests to devices but also to collect data, process them and present them to the user in an easy-to-understand format as system data (for example, average temperature per hour, maximum power consumption per day, results of mathematical algorithms, etc.);
  • complex mathematical algorithms;
  • data exchange with IT systems (DBMS, web services, weather forecast, social networks, etc.) – due to LM capability to integrate with IT services;
  • possibility of connection to security and fire alarm systems – due to LogicMachine powerful integration capabilities;
  • access control – due to LogicMachine capability to integrate with products of manufacturers who are in partnership with EVIKA;
  • control of audio-video equipment – due to LogicMachine ability to integrate with other protocols;
  • dynamic web pages – pages created on the built-in web-server on the basis of data received from LM. The pages can be used to output tables or charts, displaying consumption of resources, change of temperature, etc.
  • integration with Microsoft Azure – capability to store any volume of collected data, use algorythms for data processing and machine learning.

How It Works

iRidium server connects to LogicMachine and transfers to it commands from control panels with the application. The control panels connect to the server to control equipment via it, get feedback, upload logs and databases.


The database can store information about the server work throughout the time since the server was launched. The control panels can output logs and build graphs of changes in server variables using the data from the database.

See information on where to download, how to install and set up iRidium server for LogicMachine here.

If you have questions about work of iRidium server for LogicMachine, see the forum thread of our forum on about iRidium server or write to our technical support team at

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