iRidium in a Popular Russian Renovation TV-Show!

On November 1, 2014 a popular Russian renovation TV show showed renovation of a sitting room in a 4-room apartment where iRidium was used to control automation and Audio/Video equipment.

This TV-show demolished the myth that smart home system is worth installing only in standalone houses or large apartments. The “Mobile Sitting Room” project has successfully proved that any accommodation can be smart, even if it is only one room in a typical block of flats.

Automation in “Mobile Sitting Room” includes:

blinds control
Blinds control
lighting control
Lighting control


control of Audio/Video equipment
Control of Audio/Video equipment

Blinds Control

Blinds Control
Blinds in the “Mobile Sitting Room” project are 16 pieces of durable cloth from ceiling to floor. The blinds are attached to the ceiling tracks by means of touch fasteners.



The blinds, controlled by iRidium, move only horizontally and do a whole number of functions, they:

  • cover and uncover the shelves unit, the working place with a laptop, the window and the doorway to the corridor;
  • serve as a screen for the projector;
  • change the bright and colorful room into a quiet white one.

Lighting Control

Lighting ControlThe main source of light in the sitting room is 12 designer lamps with LED tape, created by the designers of the project, Grigoriy Solomin, Sergey Serdukov. Light diodes under the translucent ceiling create effective light circles that evenly light the room. The large designer lamps are controlled by iRidium and are programmed for different scenarios. The owners of the sitting room can switch on/off the light, dim it or change the color from wall-mounted control panels.

Control of Audio/Video Equipment

Control of Audio/Video Equipment
iRidium controlled home cinema includes:

  • Optoma HD 131X projector – a compact projector with a diode light source for watching films;
  • Dune HD Base 3D media player – a player with a built-in hard drive, plays video in numerous formats and modes, supports showing video contents via the local net;
  • Jamo acoustic system – a compact acoustic system with a built-in amplifier and powerful sound.


iRidium is used in this project not only to do separate functions of controlling blinds, lighting and Audio/Video equipment. 5 programmed scenarios change the atmosphere of the sitting room to suit different occasions at a push of one button.


Scenario «Cinema»: blinds are closed and the room is half-dark. Lights on the sides of the room eliminate the room with dim blue light, the projector is one, and the room is ready for a cinema evening.


Scenario «Disco»: all blinds are closed, the room is semi-dark. The ceiling is lit with a variety of colors creating a mood for a party.

ScenariosScenario «Work»: blinds move to the side uncovering the working place and the shelves unit.Scenario «Dinner Party»: bright light is on in the center of the room, the blinds move to cover the bright side walls not to distract attention from the table.


Scenario «Mix»: the upper light is on, the blinds move to uncover the TV-set and to have free access to the shelves unit. This scenario is programmed for occasions when the whole family gathers in the sitting room and spends time together.

Control panels

Control panels
The equipment of the room is controlled from Acer Iconia Tab A501 tablet based on Android and 2 wall mounted panels: one panel is at the door to the sitting room, the other is at the door leading from the sitting room to the future bedroom.


The automation system in this project is designed and installed by Favorit-Domotika company.

More photos and detailed information about the project are HERE.