Review of Events from iRidi. March 2022


This issue includes:

  • A course on iRidi pro starts on April 4
  • Order a required development in iRidi Service Center 
  • Overview of iRidi KNX products: what’s new?
  • Follow us on social media. 

Save Your Time with iRidi Service Center 

We know what deadlines are and how to deal with them. To make your task easier, to save your reputation as a reliable partner and to have a chance to work with interesting projects we recommend that you use iRidi Service Center.

Our professionals will

+ create a good interface. It will be intuitive and nice. 

+ develop a control project. It will include a graphic interface and drivers.

+ create a branded app for iOS and Android. Your clients will remember you by simply looking at the app on a smartphone or a tablet.

+ create a driver to integrate required equipment in a project and control it. Your customer won’t need several apps. One app is enough.

You can order one service or all of them. The price depends on the amount and complexity of required developments.

Overview of iRidi KNX Products: What’s New?

Our KNX-products have matured and you definitely want to know about these changes. There have been upgrades in

  • KNX Home Server
  • KNX Integrator Server
  • iRidi Pro visualization

We spoke about upgrades and new features at our webinar. You can see it on iRidi YouTube-channel. 

It’s useful and interesting.

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