Why iRidium for MyHome: Expert Talks

iRidium Mobile Team

Why iRidium for MyHome: Expert Talks

Abdellah Jaafar,
system integration
manager at Legrand

The choice of software in automation projects depends on a number of factors: price, convenience, personal preferences, etc. But first and foremost is kind of equipment used in the project. And that is one of the reasons, why iRidium is a good choice for MyHome installations. iRidium driver for MyHome was created in close partnership with MyHome programmers and integrators with consideration to their particular needs and requirements. As a result of this cooperative work the new version iRidium V2.1 was released. We asked Abdellah Jaafar, system integration manager at Legrand, a few questions about it and here is what he said.

Could you share your opinion on capabilities and functions of iRidium after all that mutual work during the testing period?

iRidium is a solution that replies to the needs of the end user, managing all audio video, home automation … from one panel has never before been so easy as with iRidium solution.


Why iRidium for MyHome: Expert Talks What do you think about the potential of the new “iRidium for MyHome”?

iRidium for My Home allows an easy integration with third party systems, without having a “real integration”= controllers that “speak” together, the integrator/installer can propose an easy solution with a big added value to his customer.

What other functions would you like “iRidium for MyHome” to have?

Since we are speaking about energy efficiency, smart grid, smart cities … The current home automation systems are well adapted to play a key role in this new market. My Home proposes a strong energy management system, it could be so great to measure, monitor and display energy consumption in iRidium GUI in order to consume smart.

What do you think distinguishes iRidium from other solutions for MyHome users?

iRidium allows not only to manage the global solution of My home having the same GUI on all your devices, but also to manage other automation systems.

You distinguish two types of customers: MyHome installers and MyHome integrators. What is the difference between them? What does each of them need?

Why iRidium for MyHome: Expert TalksOften My Home installers and integrators work together in big installations. The main difference between them is that:

The installer, in general, is an expert in one or 2 technologies, he is able to deliver a global solution, from running the cables until the configuration of apps, touch screens controllers…

The integrator, is skilled in putting in place more than 2 systems in the same installation, thus, knowledge in electronics, computer programming … is mandatory.

What would you recommend those of your customers, who are beginning to use iRidium for MyHome installations?

Why iRidium for MyHome: Expert TalksLegrand/Bticino is proposing and will propose a whole range of cover plates, sockets, push buttons, etc. that go with My Home solution. Proposing also a nice GUI, one by iRidium, to the end user allows installers to push more and more My Home in his future installations.


Could you enumerate strong points of MyHome system? Why is it worth considering for integrators of other automation systems?

My Home system is a global solution to manage lighting / dimmers / automation / temperature, to control audio-video / alarm /energy management… Integrators of other automation systems may consider My Home as a choice to switch to or to integrate with, as it‘s the only solution to propose natively the video door entry system and a huge range of cover plates. And configuration is simple: just use jumpers or dedicated software.

We’d love to hear more opinions from MyHome experts familiar with iRidium for MyHome. Please, leave your post here for our future mutual development.