What Visualization to Use for KNX-projects?

Mini Survey

What visualization to use for KNX-projects and other versions of this question are are regularly asked among integrators. This topic has been discussed 4 times in “KNX GLOBAL” “KNX-User Club Russia, CIS and Baltics” groups at least 4 times.

We decided to make a mini survey and asked integrators 6 questions. 86% (23) of respondents were specialists from Western Europe and 14% (4) were integrators from Russia and CIS countries. 27 integrators took part in the survey.  Integrators’ opinions were alike in most questions. The results are shown below.


Do you think that an interface is an important item in selling smart home?

Yes – 100%

Do you think that a project with a good custom interface costs more?

Yes – 85,2%
No – 14,8%


What visualization do you use in KNX projects?

Several variants could be chosen in an answer to this question. But 92% answered that they prefer to work with one system.

Gira – 20,7%
iRidium mobile – 15,8%
Zennio – 12,6%
Hager Domovea – 12,6%
Ноme Assistant – 8,8%
ABB – 8,8%
Other systems: (Logic machine, Loxone, Berker, EisBaer, Crestron, Green Control, Edomi, Xxter, Evolution). 20,7%


Why do you prefer this brand?

Here we quote answers about the leading solutions of the survey, Similar answers are grouped


  • Nice interface.
  • Strong relationship with Gira
  • Intuitive for the end user
  • I got all I need

iRidium mobile

  • There are templates and I have my own developments to create interfaces 
  • Great flexibility technical and visual.
  • Practically no limits in realizing visualization
  • A lot of functions, good technical support 
  • Customized interface, everything can be done as a customer wishes


  • Easy setting
  • It’s easy to program

Hager Domovea

  • Easy to configure and install
  • Nice looking interface, is a IOT-gateway and pretty cheap.


Are there any drawbacks in the solution you chose?

Here again we quote answers about the leading solutions of the survey, Similar answers are grouped.


  • Not very customizable.
  • High price

iRidium mobile

  • Difficult to set interface


  • Limits in user interface

Hager Domovea

  • Limitations in functions and interface.


Do you think a capability to customize an interface is an important thing when working at a project?

Yes – 92,5%
No – 7,5%

We are thankful to everybody who took part in the survey. We hope this information will help you choose visualization for KNX-projects in the future.

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