News from iRidium mobile. September 2019

Another Driver in iRidium pro – SNMP


Now iRidium pro can control devices supporting a standard internet protocol – SNMP. SNMP devices include routers, switches, servers, work stations, printers, etc. You can learn more about setting SNMP driver by the link below.


New Interfaces – iOS 13


We are happy to present to you two new interfaces in iOS style – iOS 13 Black Edition and iOS 13 White Edition. The interfaces include:

  • weather widget;
  • fast move from room to room (on a tablet);
  • info blocks of temperature, humidity, CO2 level in rooms;
  • control widgets in rooms are united into functional groups;
  • control from an apartment plan;
  • fast transformation of projects from a tablet to a smart phone and vice versa;
  • fast change of project resolution with packs of icons for every resolution;
  • setting does not require JS knowledge.

Learn more by the links below.


“Basics of Work in iRidium pro” On-line Course


On October 7 on-line course “Basics of work in iRidium pro” starts. It`s a 4-week course for newcomers with a trainer guidance, that explains how:

  • to create and set interfaces;
  • to set a server;
  • to select a license;
  • to work with customers.

More about the course, bonuses and registration at the link below.


“iRidium Script” On-line Course


On October 14 we launch of a 4-week course “iRidium script”. During the course with a trainer guidance you will learn:

  • to work with the script to realize all wishes of a customer;
  • to create a unique interface from scratch:
  • to create an interface to fit the corporate style of a customer;
  • to create a new driver.

You can read more about the course and register by the link below.