News from iRidium mobile. September 2018

New Driver in iRidium pro — iNELS RF

iRidium pro supports another line of equipment by Elko ep company — iNELS RF Control. RF Control is a solution of intelligent electro-installation, created especially for reconstructions of houses and apartments.The system is easy to install without ruining the interrior or grooving walls. You can read about the driver for iNELS RF and its setting if you click the link below. You can buy a license in My Account.


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New Group of “Basics of Work in iRidium pro” Starts on October 8

A 4-week on-line course is a fast and effective way to master iRidium pro with maximum use and minimum inconveniences, as:

  • you choose the time and place to study;
  • the material is carefully selected and structured;
  • the trainer is available for consultations and questions;
  • you use theory in practical tasks;
  • after successful certification you get a number of bonuses.

Read more and register by the link below.




Trends of Home Automation Market

We always try to feel the pulse of changes going on the automation market. To find out what is important for our customers we made two polls  “Wired vs Wireless” and “IoT in automation projects”.

In the “Wired vs wireless” poll we wanted to find out if wireless technologies are already replacing the wired one or they are still far from it. You can learn the poll results by the link below. Free comments of our customes on the topic turned out to be of particular interest and we included them in the report.


“Wired vs wireless” poll results


We already had the “IoT in automation projects” poll 4 years ago. The purpose of the poll this year was to find out what changes happened in our customers’ opinion on integrating IoT devices in automation projects. The results turned out to be quite interesting. You can read them by the link below. You’ll also find our customers’ opinion in their own words at the end of the report.


“IoT” poll results


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