iRidium Awards Results!

The annual competition iRidium Awards took place from December, 17 to February, 28.

We received 18 projects from 10 countries of the world: Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, and Saudi Arabia.

It gave us great pleasure to watch the video sent for the competition. And we took great pride in you, when we read descriptions of the projects.

As a result, we could not limit ourselves to 3 places only! So, here they go … 4 places and 2 nominations!

★ ★ ★ ★ 1 place ★ ★ ★ ★

Project «BeeToo Home» is an ideal Smart Home on iRidium: unique interface, numerous functions, high level customization! 4 iPods, 6 iPads mini, 2 iPads 4g, iPads 3g & iPhone control all automation and A/V equipment, as well as intercom and IP-cameras from interfaces, made to measure.

Alexander Borovsky.pngAlexander Borovsky

Location: Russia, Moscow

Company: EST Ltd.


Project «BeeToo Home».png


Stanislav Buyanov.pngStanislav Buyanov

Location: Russia, Moscow

Company: EST Ltd.


Prize: iPhone 5S!!!



★ ★ ★ 2 place ★ ★ ★

Project «SmartCasa» is a state-of-the art solution on iRidium: different equipment, unique drivers, original design! iPad Air / iPad mini retina control all subsystems of Smart home and A/V equipment with instant full 2-way communication!

Johan de LaatJohan de Laat

Location: Netherlands, Tilburg

Company: SmartCasa home automation


Project «SmartCasa»


Prize: 2 Device licenses



★ ★ 3 place ★ ★

Project «Home Automation»is a complete iRidium-based solution controlled from a custom-tailored interface! In this Smart home unique and intuitive interfaces on 4 iPhones and 3 iPads control lighting, blinds, temperature, sauna, jacuzzi, A/V equipment. More than that, iPhones and iPads display video from IP-cameras.

Юрген де МеуленареJurgen de Meulenaere

Location: Belgium, Izegem

Company: Itechnics


Project «Home Automation»


Prize: Neon GUI



★ 4 place ★

Project BeSmart is a Smart home in Harmony! All subsystems of a Smart home are perfectly controlled from an individual interface on iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung HomeSync.

Oleg KolodinOleg Kolodin

Location: Russia, Tambov

Company: Avtor Ltd.


Project BeSmart


Prize: 1 Device license or Neon GUI



Nomination «Business Solution»

Project Enter is an example of a different use of iRidium in commercial automation! iRidium from iPad controls the exhibition of a lighting showroom and displays information about the goods available in the storehouse.

Pavel GarinPavel Garin

Location: Russia, Saratov

Free-lance integrator


Project Enter


Prize: 1 Device license or Neon GUI



Nomination «Script Drivers in AV Projects»

Project Kartina TV is a complicates script-based solution on iRidium! The project has drivers, created specially for the project, to control different types of А/V equipment (3 TVsets, AV receiver, mediaplayer, karaoke) with full 2-way communication. The whole project is controlled from 1 iPad.

Vladimir ShabuninVladimir Shabunin

Location: Russia, Moscow

Free-lance integrator

Project Kartina TV


Prize: 1 Device license or Neon GUI


Videos of all participants


Apartment in Sochi, Rustem Daminov, Russia, Kazan

Checkers, Marina Panova, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

EDU Mansion, Ivan Imagawa, Brazil, São Paulo

Holywood, Gary Wilson, Lisburn, the UK

Home automation project, Dmitry Shulaev, Russia, St.Petersburg

Home theater, Punitharaj, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Office of AllVision, Evgeny Kostenko, Belarus, Minsk

Penthouse of Mr Dung, Nguyen Xuan Nghiem, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Show room, Dmitry Korolev, Russia, Moscow

Smart Home Interface, Sergei Schepochkin, Russia, Ulyanovsk

SDC application, Tomas Vesely, the Czech Republic, Prague

SMI Concept, Mathey Christophe, France