iRidium Mobile Team’s Back from Integrate 2014 Exhibition

iRidium mobile at Integrate 2014 in Australia
It’s the first time in the company history that iRidium mobile team’s taken part in an exhibition in the southern hemi-sphere of the planet – Integrate 2014 in Australia.

Integrate is an international and the largest in Australia exhibition for automation, sound, light and vision industries.

iRidium mobile at Integrate 2014 in AustraliaBoth participants and visitors of the exhibition showed great interest for iRidium mobile stand that featured:

  • iRidium ready interfaces;
  • iRidium control capabilities of the following equipment: С-bus, Global Caché, IP-cameras, alarm system, Sonos, Apple TV, Yamaha, Integra.

Most visitors knew almost nothing about iRidium. But as they learned more, they got really curious and wanted to try working with iRidium themselves. A number of those who came to the stand had learnt about iRidium from JAMware, iRidium distributor in Australia and New Zealand, some had even attended their off-line trainings.

iRidium mobile at Integrate 2014 in AustraliaIntegrate 2014 showed it quite vividly that this part of the world is mostly interested in two solutions by iRidium: iRidium for C-Bus and iRidium for AV. New features of iRidium V2.2 excited good interest among visitors and exhibitors.

On the whole the exhibition was rather successful. Despite its moderate scale of 104 participants iRidium mobile team managed to establish new valuable contacts and widen the audience of installers familiar with iRidium.


iRidium is opening a new market to enter and new heights to conquer!


iRidium mobile team