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FIFA World Cup 2018 and iRidium mobile

What does iRidium have to do with FIFA World Cup 2018? – Our partner, Smartsystema company, realized control system of a conference-hall with a control interface based on iRidium platform, as well as control and monitoring of states of two hundred Samsung TV-sets.

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iRidium pro: Gateway between Devices

This article in our blog describes several options to use iRidium pro software complex as a gateway between devices to integrate different automation systems and IoT devices in a single system.

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iRidium pro

Driver for Larnitech

New driver for Larnitech appeared iRidium pro. Now you can use in your project equipment by this famous German manufacturer of “Smart home” systems and automation for houses and offices.

Auto-update of Panel Projects in iRidium pro

Updating projects is now simpler than ever before. Simply select Auto-update of current project in the System menu of i3 pro and the project is automatically updated at the app start.

Voice Mail in SIP driver

If you have a SIP-server by Asterisk in a project, you can set voice mail between call panels. Thus, if a call panel does not answer another call panel, a voice message can be sent.



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