Beta-test of iRidium 3.0 platform: iRidium lite and iRidium pro


iRidium 3.0 platform is created in 2 forms: iRidium lite and iRidium pro. You can sign in for beta-test of either of them or both.

iR lite.jpgiRidium lite – for installers:

  • Easy to configure directly from a control panel.
  • Automatic device search and interface creation.
  • Project update via iRidium Cloud.
  • Compatible with iRidium Server.


Beta-test of iRidium lite is launched only for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). iRidium lite can be tested on Windows 8/10 and Android a bit later. The following drivers are available for beta-testing now:

  • Duotecno
  • Fibaro Z-Wave
  • Free@home
  • Global Cache’
  • HDL Buspro
  • HDL Hotel
  • KNX
  • MyHome Legrand
  • Philips hue
  • RaZberry Z-Wave
  • SwitchEEl (Bluetooth LE)

The driver list will be enriched till the release.

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iR pro.jpgiRidium pro – for professional integrators:

  • Creation of any customized projects with any configuration.
  • Development of your own drivers without any limits.
  • Project update via iRidium Cloud.
  • Compatible with iRidium Server: the ecosystem is Visualization + Logic.


With iRidium pro version you can test the client part, as well iRidium Server. iRidium pro client is available for Windows 8/10 and iOS devices. The client app for Android will be available later. iRidium Server can be launched on Windows 8/10. We’ll announce about the capability to test iRidium Server on other platforms (LogicMachine, OnBox by Global Cache’, Raspberry Pi2 и др.) additionally.

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